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The name "Riya" is of Indian origin. In Sanskrit, "Riya" (रिया) means "singer" or "singer of hymns." It is also associated with the concept of "graceful," "singer of melodious songs," or "one who brings joy through music." The name has become popular in various cultures and regions due to its pleasant sound and positive meaning.

Riya is a vibrant and charming young girl whose presence lights up any room she enters. With her warm smile and sparkling eyes, she easily captures the hearts of those around her. She exudes confidence and magnetic energy that draws people towards her.

Blessed with a passion for music and singing, Riya can effortlessly weave emotions into every note she sings. Whether performing on stage or singing for her friends and family, her music brings joy and touches the hearts of everyone who listens. Music is not just a hobby for Riya; it's an integral part of her soul, and she uses it as a medium to express herself and connect with others on a profound level.

Beyond her musical prowess, Riya is known for her kindness and compassion. She is always the first to lend a helping hand to those in need and goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable and appreciated. Her friends adore her for her caring nature and unwavering support, knowing they can always count on her in times of trouble.

Despite her gentle and kind nature, Riya possesses a strong sense of determination and resilience.


When faced with challenges, she tackles them head-on, refusing to give up until she achieves her goals. Her perseverance is inspiring, and she is a role model for many, showing that one can accomplish great things with hard work and dedication.

Riya's love for adventure and exploration knows no bounds. She is curious about the world and eager to learn about different cultures and experiences. Travelling is one of her passions, and she embraces every opportunity to broaden her horizons and create unforgettable memories.

In her academic pursuits, Riya's inquisitive mind shines brightly. She excels in her studies to achieve academic success, gain knowledge and understand the world better. She values education as a tool for personal growth and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Above all, Riya holds her relationships with family and friends in the highest regard. She treasures the moments spent with loved ones, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. Her genuine love and care for those around her makes her a beloved member of the community and an irreplaceable friend to many.

In summation, Riya is a multi-talented, compassionate, and spirited young girl who embraces life with a passion for music, learning, and connecting with others. Her presence enriches the lives of those who encounter her, leaving an indelible imprint on their hearts and souls.


About Us

Our Story

Our journey to parenthood was a long and difficult path, however in 2013 our miracle baby Riya came into our lives and changed it forever. Riya brought us the gift of real pure unconditional love – a love that knows no bounds. She filled our lives, and those fortunate enough to cross paths with her, with joy beyond measure. 


Riya was the most beautiful girl in the world, inside and out.  Her kindness was boundless, her humour infectious, and her intelligence truly remarkable. She possessed a love for music and belting out songs at the top of her voice from an early age.  Dancing was her joy, reading her solace, and engaging in arts and crafts brought her endless satisfaction.  With a fervent passion for Lego, she skillfully constructed imaginative scenes, frequently involving her younger sister, and orchestrated elaborate playacting scenarios, often assuming an amusing American accent. She loved watching quiz shows and would get so excited when she got questions right.  Even from a young age, a spiritual essence radiated from her, finding solace in meditation. She loved ‘Love’, she loved saying it, writing it and drawing love hearts.  Selflessness defined her nature, with an empathy rarely seen in one so young. A sage within a youthful frame, her maturity surpassed her years.


In 2016 our family welcomed a second miracle and Riya instantly became the caring and loving big sister, and she absolutely thrived with her new role.  She readily undertook responsibilities with bath times, nappy change and at mealtimes.  As a role model for her little sister she imparted wisdom to her younger sibling, nurturing her understanding of right and wrong, while sharing the wealth of knowledge she had accrued. She was very protective of her baby sister, rising to her defence whenever necessary.  But she was also fair and equally told her little sister off when called for too.  Riya’s curious mind absorbed information like a sponge and she delighted in recounting her newfound knowledge to anyone that would listen.


On Friday, 23rd December, Riya suddenly became seriously ill and was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where the staff exhibited extraordinary dedication to ensure her care was exceptional in every sense. ​

However, on Wednesday 28th December, our hearts shattered as our beloved Riya grew her angel wings and left us to continue her mission to help others. In a remarkable act of generosity, Riya's organs were donated, ultimately saving the lives of four individuals. The compassionate Organ Donation team at Great Ormond Street played an instrumental role in facilitating this profound gesture, meticulously guiding us through the entire process while honouring our every wish.​

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