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Riya's Rainbows is dedicated to upholding the legacy of compassion that Riya left behind. Our commitment lies in bolstering diverse charitable endeavours, with a special focus on initiatives linked to child loss, grief, and healthcare.

One particularly significant undertaking involves the refurbishment of the Paediatrics’ Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Our aspiration is to rally support and raise funds for the transformation and sponsorship of a designated space within the PICU, catering specifically to the needs of siblings and young visitors accompanying patients. This endeavour holds deep significance as it provides a haven for young visitors, affording them an escape from the trying atmosphere of the main ward—something that would have been invaluable to us during our own experience.

Your gracious contributions will extend beyond their impact on the Great Ormond Street project. They will also play a crucial role in supporting the realisation of family outings for those families navigating the journey of grief. Drawing from our own experiences with grief charities, we've personally witnessed the transformative effect these outings can have, particularly on our younger daughter. Your support will make a significant difference in enhancing the lives of grieving families, offering them moments of solace and connection.

We will be updating this website with all future endeavours supported by your generous donations.


A heartfelt thank you from the Riya’s Rainbows Team

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